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About Us

Here at A & M Dance Academy we offer a wide range of classes including Adult and child classes. We also offer Audition Prep & Pageant Prep classes. We offer Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Pointe, Lyrical, and Modern. In addition we also have a Musical Theater Program. We accept cash,  mastercard, visa, and debit cards. You can pay monthly or weekly.


We provide a safe, fun, family like atmospher which helps the learning experience. All students will learn proper technique and terminology which makes a very well rounded dancer.





MISS DEBI Ferro Turcotte - I began dancing at a very early age and have over 50 years of experience in all areas of dance and show preperation. My first teacher was Stella Pifko Marnik, I took tap, ballet, jazz, pointe, and baton. From there I went to Dartmouth High School and worked with Cheryl McCormack to put together a show to raise money for the March of Dimes. After that I took classes from Diane Cabral, where I studied tap, ballet, pointe, jazz, and worked as a teacher's helper during registration, measuring children for shoes, leotards and tights. I also worked backstage during recital time. I took ballet from Festival Ballet under the direction of Miles and Hersey Marsden. I have taken ballet classes from the late Paul Brum, and also worked backstage for him doing curtains, stage setting, dressing and light prep work. I have taken a weekend seminar with Winthrop Corey of New York. Most recently I was with Jan Estrella where I performed a multitude of tasks from answering phones, to filling in for different teachers, helping students having a difficult time with certain dance combinations, and teaching the adult classes. I also worked backstage organizing and solving any problems as they came about. Additionaly in the pass I have taken Tahitian Dancing at Jan's with Tawilla Travosos. I have done a lot of pro-bono work for various schools in the New Berford area, and did the choreography for the cabarets at St. Mary's Parish in South Dartmouth. Schools include Holy Family Holy Name under the direction of Maurice Quellette and Keith Jr. High under the direction of Paul Cabral. My duties there were working with students in the musical department, teaching them dance routines for the various songs in the cabaret. All very succesfull shows. I have also been a choreography consultant for the Dartmouth Middle School talent show and have done an after school dance program the past year at Gidley School in North Dartmouth. Through out my dance years I have also danced for variouse organizations when they have had talent shows. I've also helped prepare girls for the Miss New Bedford Pageant, Little Miss Blue Devil Pageant, and also an adult pageant. I look forward to sharing my experience and knowlede with you and your child/children 5,6,7,8 Miss Debi


MISS Amanda Neto - Hi welcome to A & M Dance Academy. My name is Amanda, I am the oldest of  Miss Debi's three children. I have been dancing since the age of 2, doing my first solo at 2 1/2. In between dance classes I also did some modeling starting at age 4.

I had formal dance classes with Jan Estrella School of Dance studying tap, ballet, and jazz. I also took ballet from the late Paul Brum, and Tahitian from Tawilla Toavosos. My passion is ballet and jazz. I graduated from Dartmouth High School and BCC. I have also tought the dance classes at the New Bedford Recreation Center. I am currently a stay at home mom taking care of my son Jacob and my daughter Chorlette.


I am looking foward to a great dance year.

Just Dance

Miss Amanda

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